"Those who wish to sing always find a song."

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Bamboo for clarinet reeds


"Laurel Hall is at the top of my list.  She has played with ALL of the major San Francisco Orchestras plus a bunch of others.  This year she took the worst players, made them good, and had them loving it!  Laurel took the best players and sent them to the stars.  She makes incredible connections with kids.  You should meet her! "

Bob Athayde - Award Winning Director of Music Education Stanley Middle School


"Creative, thoughtful and enthusiastic, Laurel Hall is an A++ clarinet teacher.  She knows exactly how to set a course of study for individual students and she is highly skilled in working with children and students of all ages and ability levels, either singly or in groups.  When teaching, she very quickly sees not only what learning steps will benefit a student but designs practice methods that are interesting, often enjoyable, and always effective.  And she is patient, very patient.  I love my lessons with Laurel Hall and am always looking forward to the next one.  I can't imagine a better teacher ."

Adult Private Student

"Largely thanks to your instruction and advice, my embouchure problem is pretty much gone!  I am really happy and excited that I am actually able to go back to normal playing again!

Just like what you told me at first, that once I solve this challenge, I will be much more efficient in practicing.  And speaking of now, I honestly learned SO much over the summer.  Now I understand what "tension-free" playing really means: your face, throat, arms, wrists and fingers, all those aspects should be in a relatively relaxed motion when playing the clarinet.  Along with that, I can actually understand that a moderate set-up plays a pivotal role as well!  Now my reed strength went down, while still using the mouthpiece you lent me.

I used to think that a really hard reed and a fancy mouthpiece/barrel make a good player.  Now I realize that those things don't even matter.  One has to choose the set up that is relatively moderate and best fits the person.

I used to think I can't play those altissimo notes without a hard reed.  Surprisingly, everything as it is now, I can make those high notes speak much clerer and less harsh!!!  While my overall tone is getting rounder and fuller as well.

I was just afraid of my college audition, but now I feel happy and even more motivated.  I truly appreciate what you have taught me as a musician, that it's not how much you practice; it's how efficiently you practice.  Thanks sooo much!

High School Student

"Laurel Hall is a phenomenal teacher.  She is patient with each student and teaches them with multiple techniques based on their needs.  She encourages them to have confidence in themselves and to take pride in their work.  Most importantly, she inspires each student with her love for what she does."

Parent of Private Student

"Lessons with Ms. Hall have helped me become a much better player.  She helps with all aspects of musicianship, even how to sight read, overcome nerves before an audition and, most importantly, how to practice outside of lessons.  It was thanks to her that I was able to join the Contra Costa County Honor Band and move up many chairs in my school's clarinet section.  She is very detail oriented, reliable, accommodating and willing to work on whatever you feel is most important.  I can't imagine taking clarinet lessons from anyone else!"

High School Private Student 

"From my free 30 minute introductory lesson with Laurel, I knew she was born to teach (and she plays professionally too, which is a nice combination of skills).  Laurel's lessons are fun and packed with good practice exercises, tips and songs to learn.  From each lesson, I always had 4 - 6 exercises and skills to work on for the next lesson and Laurel helped me plan my practice time to be both beneficial and fast-paced.  I looked forward each day to my practice time and each week to my next lesson with Laurel.  The lessons were a combination of Laurel demonstrating a skill or part of a song and then her listening to me attempt it and giving me tips and encouragement.  I grew as a clarinetist with every lesson.  A very positive experience.  Highly recommended!! "

Adult Skype Student, Kentucky


"Thank you for such a great year Ms. Hall! You really helped me improve and I wouldn't have been able to get through this year without you! "

Middle School Student


 "Lessons with Ms. Hall really helped me improve my playing skills and I had lots of fun! She is an amazing teacher and I learned something new each week. I really enjoyed doing Skype lessons because it was more convenient for my busy schedule of sports and schoolwork. Ms. Hall really helped me progress through out the year and she helped me with any problems I had. She is such a nice person and I loved my lessons!"

Middle School Skype Student,  California


"My 7th grade daughter took lessons from Laurel Hall this year. She met with her once a week via Skype and it was a wonderful experience for the both of us. Her playing not only improved greatly, she really enjoyed her lessons and her time with Ms. Hall. And, I didn't have to drive her anywhere or clean up the house! She just connected over the internet every week - perfect! Ms. Hall really is a wonderfully engaged teacher who clearly loves the music, kids and teaching."

Parent  of Skype Student

"You gave my son , a high school junior, a couple brush up lessons so he could try out for the county High School Honor Band.  It worked, he was accepted and will be practicing this week and the concert is on Saturday.  Thank you very much.  We may need some more help next fall when he tries out for the next and final level."

Parent of High School Student

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