"Those who wish to sing always find a song."

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Bamboo for clarinet reeds


"Clarinet soloist Hall displayed great sensibility ...   Her musicality showed strongly ."
                                                      - San Francisco Chronicle

"Laurel Hall, a superb clarinetist, studied the concerto and gave it a masterly performance."
                                                       - The English Clarinet

"Hall exploited her instrument's coloristic possibilities."

                                                       - San Francisco Examiner

"Laurel Hall's clarinet was, as always, characterful and supportive."                                                                          
                                                        - The Oakland Tribune

"Laurel Hall played her role with great spirit and an evident appreciation of both the humor and the tunefulness of the music."

                                                         - The Sacramento Bee

"Her performance transcended awareness of execution, totally fulfilling the music....A brilliant performance by Laurel Hall...Hall sailed through these passages as an artist, not succumbing to a mere display of technical virtuosity."
                                                         - The Suttertown News

"clarinetist Laurel Hall dug into the difficult concerto with superb technical form and a weightless, fluid energy that filled the auditorium... Ms. Hall's playing was more than merry - it was effervescent and translucent - like a mountain waterfall."

                                                         - Sacramento Union

"Your interpretation was absolutely everything I had in mind for the piece.  What more can a composer ask?"
                                                         - Jerome Neff, composer

"It was a superlative performance with bass clarinetist Laurel Hall, an apparent newcomer in the area who will decidedly get many assignments from now on."
                                                         - San Jose Mercury News

"...Copland Clarinet Concerto, whose lyrical, then spiky and playfully aggressive movements were splendidly played by Laurel Hall."                                                                        
                                                         - The Oakland Tribune


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