"Those who wish to sing always find a song."

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Eb Clarinet Teacher for Lessons

Eb Clarinet Concerto

Chamber Music Concert Clarinet Teacher

Telluride Chamber Music Festival

Clarinet Section for Rosenkavalier

San Francisco Opera
Der Rosenkavalier

Laurel Hall Performs in play on recorder

Performing in Dr. Wacko and the
Time Machine on the recorder

Laurel performing Nutcracker with Oakland Symphony

Oakland Ballet Nutcrackers

Listen to Playing Samples

I have concertized all across the United States and Europe. I have performed on the Bb, Eb, A, C, Alto, Basset Horn, Bass and Contra Bass Clarinets, Alto and Tenor Saxophones, all Recorders and even the Crumhorn.

I have performed with chamber music groups, contemporary ensembles, opera orchestras, ballet orchestras, symphony orchestras, multimedia ensembles, bands, wind ensembles, musicals, television commercials, movie sound tracks and Renaissance/Baroque ensembles.  Click on the links below to sample my playing.


Listen  This link contains Jerome Neff's Concerto Giocoso for Eb Clarinet at a performance with the Camellia Symphony.  I loved performing  this wonderful piece.  The link contains parts of the second and third movements.

Listen  In the next link I am performing the Copland Clarinet Concerto with a group I played with for many years -The Women's Philharmonic. The link contains the opening and middle sections of the concerto.  I also played on several cds under the Koch label with the Women's Philharmonic. They can be purchased by clicking on the following links:

    The Women's Philharmonic

    The Music of Chen Yi

    Uses of Music in Uttermost Parts

Opera and Ballet

Listen  I love playing opera.  This excerpt is from a performance of Andre Previn's A Streetcar Named Desire with the amazing Renee Fleming, Elizabeth Futral and the San Francisco Opera Orchestra.  I played the jazzy Bb clarinet solos on this cd as well as Eb clarinet.

Listen  Here are a couple of nice Eb clarinet solos from the same opera.  The cd boxed set can be purchased by clicking on this link:

    Streetcar Named Desire

Listen This link contains first a bass clarinet excerpt and then a contra bass clarinet excerpt from Elliot Goldenthal's Othello which I performed and recorded with the San Francisco Ballet Orchestra. The cd can be purchased by clicking on this link:


Chamber Music

Listen   I formed a chamber music group called MusicArts and this link contains the Adagio from a performance of the Beethoven Trio opus 11.

Listen  This link contains a terrfic contemporary piece called Private Game by Shulamit Ran for cello and clarinet.  This is from a live radio interview with the composer on the Speaking of Music Series.  To hear the entire interview click here.

Listen  This link contains the fourth movement of  the woodwind quintet arrangement of Ravel's Tombeau de Couperin which I performed at the Telluride Chamber Music Festival.

Clarinet Section San Francisco Opera in the Park

San Francisco Opera in the Park

On Stage Laurel Hall in Honolulu Symphony

Honolulu Symphony

Clarinetist recording at Skywalker Ranch

Recording Session at Skywalker Ranch

Banda Don Giovanni San Francisco Opera

On Stage Banda for
Don Giovanni
San Francisco Opera

          Lake Tahoe Music Festival

          Lake Tahoe Music Festival

Laurel Hall - Clarinetist
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