"Those who wish to sing always find a song."

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Clarinet private lesson teacher webcam skype

-San Francisco Opera
-San Francisco Ballet
-Honolulu Symphony

"...Clarinetist Laurel Hall stood out among the sumptuous feast of fine playing...You will not hear better performances."
          - San Francisco Chronicle

Do you want to...

Learn from a professional clarinetist how to sound and play like a professional

Get personalized solutions to your problems

Discover quicker and easier ways to learn new music

Transform nervousness into super focus

Have more fun by learning how to connect physically, mentally and emotionally with the music

Learn how to adjust your reeds

Get advice on the best equipment for you

Play auditions with skill and confidence

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Clarinetists, Are You ...

A school-aged clarinetist who wants to improve your tonguing, technique, reeds,
high notes, tone, audition chops, rhythm, practice efficiency and musicality?

A beginner of any age who wants to have fun learning how to play?

An adult that played clarinet a long time ago and now wants to take it up again?

An amateur who wants help polishing your skills?

A saxophonist who wants to improve your clarinet doubling skills?

A professional clarinetist who wants honest, constructive feedback from another professional?

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Laurel Hall - Clarinetist

Musical Instruction
Skype Name: Laurel.Hall1
Walnut Creek, California