"Those who wish to sing always find a song."

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Try out taking lessons with Laurel!

How to set up your free webcam lesson:

Email me at with a request for your free introductory 30 minute Skype webcam lesson. 

Please let me know:

1)  two possible dates and times for your lesson

2)  how long you have been playing the clarinet

3)  what issue or music you would like to discuss

I will email you back to confirm your free lesson day and time.

Make sure you have a working webcam, microphone, speakers or headphones and high speed internet access before you request your free lesson. 

If you don't already have Skype, please download the Skype Free program at and invite me to contact you.  I will then accept your invite and we are set up.  My Skype name is Laurel.Hall1

I look forward to meeting you!


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Laurel Hall - Clarinetist
Musical Instruction
Skype Name: Laurel.Hall1
Walnut Creek, California